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Our clients absolutely love our Brazilian Body Wave!! This is our best seller. Its the perfect crossover bundle when you're torn between a wave pattern and straight hair! It has a soft and nonchalant wave that allows minimum to no maintenance. This style of  hair is perfect for the career-oriented woman seeking to mainatin a professional look, and can still let their hair down for a night out on the town. BodyWave can easily be flat ironed into a bone straight. As mentioned before this bundle is the perfect crossover bundle, it can be wanded into a beautiful wave or flat-ironed into a silky bone straight. Keep in mind that this is a delicate wave; please be sure to use a heat protectant and proper heat settings below 400 degrees F. A  less damaging alternative to curling your hair will be Flexi-Rods. It is a more preferred method considering that heat isn't involved; it is less damaging to the hair follicles.. Wash with shampoo and conditioner for waves to reappear. Allow hair to air dry.. You cannot go wrong with the Brazilian Body Wave!!!
Brazilian Body Wave
Straight Hair
Brazilian Straight Hair
Natural Curly
Brazilian Natural Curly
LooseWave Hair
LooseWave Hair